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3 Tips for Perfect Party Decorations

Posted on July 14 2018

Image source: Pinterest

We often get questions from customers asking if we have recommendations on the types of balloons they should have for their party. While that is a very good and important question, here are some key questions you need to ask yourself before diving into party planning. Read on for some tips on how you can better manage your party planning and stress!

Have you secure your party venue?

The first question in mind from party planers is if you have secured your venue. If so, where is it held? In Singapore, we usually hold first month and birthday parties at home, at a condominium function room, in school, a restaurant and from time-to-time a hotel room/function room.

We know the general guideline is that if the space is big, more balloons are required verse if a space is smaller.

You also need to consider how decorated is that space? Is it empty or cluttered? If it is a children’s birthday party, do you have other fringe activities such as magic show, children’s motor vehicles or face painting? You will need to set aside a safe space for these activities, which in return will determine your scope of balloons and decorations required.

2. What is your budget?

A tricky question, we understand. My suggestion would be to go to your selected vendor’s website (www.sundaymorningcelebrations) to get a sensing of the prices of latex balloons, balloon bouquets, foil balloons and whatever you are looking at. Once you are comfortable with the listed prices, visit sites like Pinterest as it serves as a great site to gather inspiration.

Other ways to gather inspiration would be to hop onto Instagram and search for hashtags #balloons #balloon #balloonbouquet to see what other people are doing.

If your birthday venue is held at places like hotels or restaurants, my suggestion would be to get in contact with us sundaymorningcelebrations@yahoo.com.sg. Come prepared with furnishing us with details on your location and what inspiration you have found and love – this will definitely fall into some theme, which drives me to the next question.

3. What is your theme?

We often hear things like – theme? Why is there a need to have a theme? Certainly, we know that you don’t need to have a theme for everything and we respect that.

But it sure makes your job and ours a tad difficult.

By identifying the theme, you narrow down your choices and focus on things that matter. You won’t want to be spending so much time trying to gather information all over the place, and end up stressing yourself.

Without a theme, we are sure the party will look a little disjoint with splashes of colours or different cartoon themes.

Three very popular ways of narrowing themes are if you segregate according to colours or cartoon (Paw Patrol? PJ Msk?) or topics (Vehicle? Fruit? Animals?).

We hope this article is useful in your planning of your parties! 


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